Seth Bendian Baseball Camp - 2014

26th Anniversary

I started this camp in 1989 with the intention of giving kids great instruction in a fun, structured and caring atmosphere. Twenty-five years later I know we are still providing those essentials, plus years of experience have helped me come up with exciting, productive drills and competitions to teach, then test the camper’s skills.  I like to say that we make kids better players without them even noticing they’re working at it…

1-Our Philosophy…While we spend each morning working to improve the skills of the campers, we play games and have competitions within those sessions to keep things interesting and fun.  No one is ever idle for long as we keep to a tight schedule, and always have the kids moving and engaged in some activity. Afternoon games give campers a chance to test their newly learned techniques in a competitive setting.

2-Our Facility…Teaneck Southern League is an outstanding complex, with 3 well maintained 60ft diamonds, one 90 ft field and 2 batting cages. All this space allows us to spread out and divide into as many as 5 subgroups, working efficiently on all aspects of the game.  During our morning sessions we rotate through 5 different stations - batting in the cages, base-running, fielding, games of skill and live batting practice on a field.  In the afternoon 3 fields means we can play 3 games at once, involving 6 teams, so that no child has to sit and wait to play.    

3- Our Senior Staff...Other camp programs like to tell you what great players their coaches were, I prefer to tell you what accomplished teachers mine are.  For my Senior Staff, I employ professional educators.  My adult instructors are accredited school teachers, have passed background checks by their school systems and have a great deal of experience as coaches.  They are young, smart, enthusiastic professionals who use positive reinforcement to get the most out of kids…
*Steve Cerelli – enters his 8th year at my camp.  He is currently in his 7th year teaching special education at Northern Highlands High School in Allendale, NJ, where he is also head freshmen baseball coach & a varsity assistant football coach.  Steve has a master’s degree in education.
*Chris Addeo – will begin his 7th year on our staff.  He is in his 8th year as a health and physical education teacher at New Milford High School and has coached freshman baseball and middle school basketball there.  Chris also has a master’s degree in educational administration.
 *Billy Appel – our longest tenured instructor having worked at our camp for 15 years.  Billy also was a camper and a junior counselor before becoming a senior instructor more than a decade ago. He is an excellent hitting instructor, with great knowledge of technique and has the passion to get kids interested in improving.  He is a licensed teacher and is currently working at a charter school in Newark.
4-Our Junior Staff...consists of teenagers who are themselves former campers.  I believe they provide a link between our young campers and our adult staff.  I think of them as big brothers to our campers.  They all go through an orientation process and are mentored by more experienced junior counselors while they get their feet wet.  Those that show themselves to be strong leaders come back summer after summer and some even make the jump to Senior Counselor, like Billy Appel and Schrieber twins, Aharon and Zack…. 

Dear Parents,
I hope you and the family have had a healthy and productive winter and are looking forward to this spring and the baseball season that it brings.
I apologize for getting my camp information out late but as some of you may know I have embarked on a new career path over the last year as a restaurant chef.  This February I took a new position in and have been swamped trying to turn around a failing tavern.  For those who watch Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible," that is what I'm doing in real life.
That said, I only took that position with the understanding that I would have the flexibility to run my camp ever summer.
For this summer I have decided to change the structure of camp by shortening the day to a 1pm finish and obviously lowering the price.  Late last August I held such a session of camp and found it to be very productive where the kids were fully engaged for the whole day and had a much better energy throughout.  We also took a very short lunch break (15 minutes) which has always been something the campers pushed for, never wanting to sit for the half hour break we took during the longer day.
If the 3pm finish is something that you have grown accustom to or need due to scheduling I will have Mike Manning, one of the senior counselors who has been with me for several years and is a certified high school teacher, run an additional 2 hour session for a commensurate fee. 
All else will be the same....the location, the counselor to camper ratio, age groupings, the balance of teaching to playing and the overall tone of the camp.
Please feel free to email to reserve a spot, or call 551-486-3555 with any questions or to inquire about the 1-3pm session.
Sessions: all weeks open to children 7-12 years old

  • July 21-25
  • July 28-August 1
  • August 4-8
  • August 11-15 (open to ages 7-15 with 13-15 year olds on separate field)
One Week $215...Two Weeks $415...Three Weeks $610...All Four Weeks...$800
Families sending siblings can take 10% off their total
Thank you,